The project begins with the implementation phase in order to create a unique environment. 
The steep slope of the site together with the unique view towards the sea, 
played a key role in the final proposal.
The residence evolves in six levels. The first level hosts the parking area and a staircase connects externally the levels of the residence along with its courtyards. 
The main entrance leads to the living area where space expands onto a large balcony. 
The use of timber floor internally and timber deck externally along with the choice of minimal frame windows reinforce the connection and continuity between inside and outside.
The use of the transparent glass balustrade in the main staircase enhances the sense of open-space and highlights the textured wallpaper that unifies vertically the levels of the residence.
Hidden and recessed lighting enhance the clean lines of the design and along with the chosen furniture form a modern and functional living environment.

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