The steep slope the site and the unique view from it were essential elements for the design composition. The buildings volume is developed in such a way, so as to function as a continuation of the natural terrain. External open areas thus become extensions of the interior.

Large openings on the main facade turn towards the view whereas the rest of the windows are treated like picture capturing images. These openings together with the vertical element of the chimney are the factors that morphologically give the building its unique character.
A load-bearing wall defines the residences rear boundaries and dissipates the buildings volume from the sites entry.
On the ground floor  the fireplace defines the functions of the surrounding spaces while the first floor has the form of an attic. The bedrooms are placed at the lower level of the residence.

Simple lines, the use of local materials and the exposure of structural elements creates a friendly and warm environment that becomes one with its surroundings and exploits  the potential of the topography of the site, combining traditional architecture with modern design.

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