Division Architects is an architectural practice established in 2010 by combining two different perspectives.

Having built up a varied portfolio covering wide scales and types such as: Casino in Syros (Casino Aigaio AE), Leto Gynecology & Surgical Clinic (Hygeia Group) and several branches of National Bank of Greece, Vasilis Grigoriadis (civil engineer) starts his collaboration with George Venetsanos (architect) focusing on the design and construction of a series of private projects.

Having a common academic background Nikos Kouzoupis (architect) George Venetsanos’ fellow student at the University Kent Canterbury School of Architecture, joined the team forming Division Architects.

Each project is primarily treated as a pretext for creation and dialogue, causing "divisions", generating solutions that combine and serve its programmatic content. It is divided into blocks, forms, spaces, elements, uses, is deconstructed and eventually reunited, combining all the individual components to end up with a single result of solid and compact architecture.

So division as disintegration, deconstruction, differentiation, all concepts which enclose within genesis through intense and conflicting actions that lead to creation.

division architects